Uranium spot price   Spot price figures supplied by Numerco

Research Report Date Broker Share Price Target For further information please contact the following analyst
12-Apr-21 Cannacord Genuity $0.18/sh James – jbullen@cgf.com
1-Apr-21 Sprott Capital Partners $0.18/sh Justin – jchan@sprott.com
15-Mar-21 Euroz Hartleys $0.20/sh Steven – sclark@euroz.com
15-Mar-21 Shaw & Partners $0.17/sh Michael – michael.clarke@shawpartners.com.au
16-Feb-21 Sprott Capital Partners $0.16/sh Justin – jchan@sprott.com
30-Nov-20 Shaw Partners $0.11/sh Michael – michael.clarke@shawpartners.com.au
1-Oct-20 Euroz Securities $0.12/sh Steven – sclark@euroz.com
28-Sep-20 Canaccord Genuity $0.13/sh James – jbullen@cgf.com
9-Mar-20 Canaccord Genuity $0.10/sh James – jbullen@cgf.com
19-Feb-19 Patersons $0.10/sh am – chardie@psl.com.au
31-Jan-19 Euroz Securities $0.12/sh Michael – memery@euroz.com
31-Jul-18 Euroz Securities $0.12/sh Michael – memery@euroz.com
6-Jul-18 BW Equities $0.13/sh Alistair – areid@bwequities.com.au
22-May-18 Shard Capital $0.105/sh Phil – scsb@shardcapital.com
9-Nov-17 Euroz Securities $0.13/sh reg – gchessell@euroz.com
4-Oct-17 Euroz Securities $0.13/sh Greg – gchessell@euroz.com
31-May-17 Euroz Securities $0.16/sh Greg – gchessell@euroz.com
Mar-17 Euroz Securities $0.17/sh Greg – gchessell@euroz.com

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